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The Things to do When You are Cleaning Leather Sandals

Sandals are part of the assets at home that we all need to move around from one point to another and you need to ensure that you got a pair too. One good thing is that these days, there are leather sandals being made by the many sandal manufacturers out there and there are also those that are handmade in accordance to customer preferences. These leather sandals are quite good when it comes to serving you but pose a problem when it comes to cleaning the with leather being tough and takes in lots of dirt for a long time without showing. There is the option of using detergents and other cleaning agents but these will not make them as clean as you would like them to be. There are various skillset and procedures that you need to put into consideration as you look to successfully clean your leather sandals and to keep them in perfect condition. The following are the key guidelines meant to help you in the cleaning of leather sandals.

To begin, there is need to consider doing a dirt scrub first to get rid of the first layer of dirt. This is very effective when it comes to removing the top layer of dirt that makes the cleaning of leather sandals hard. There is need to use a brush to do this dirt scrub and work the straps first as you go down doing the buckle before you complete it with the insole and the side of the leather sandals. You also need to work on the bottom of the sole of the leather sandal. Afterwards, take a soft cloth and do a polish of the leather sandal to get rid of dirt spots that you have not seen as you do the dirt scrub.

The second thing that you need to do when washing your leather sandals is to bring in a liquid cleaner to do the second phase of cleaning. The next thing that you need to do is to bring in the liquid cleaner with vinegar and a mix of water. Dampen the clean cloth then add saddle soap after you to the dirt scrub and rub the leather gently to maintain its good condition. After the whole process, consider waiting for the leather sandal to dry up and use a conditioner on the spots that have become tough to clean.

With this kind of sandals, do not use saddle soap or any of the leather cleaning products.

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